2017 Popcorn Wall of Fame     
Adam A.

Aidan D.

Alessandro L.

Alex F.

Alex M.

Atticus G.

Ben H.

Ben P.

Brendan O.

Brody C.

Caleb B.

Caliph K.

Carter J.

Charlie P.

Charles H.

Charlie K.

Christopher L.

Clayton C.

Daniel S.

Danny N.

Hunter B.

Emerson D.

Ethan A.

Ethan B.

Ezra B.

Ezra G.

Francis H.

Francis M.

Griffin C.

Henry K.

Henry P.

Isaac G.

Jacob L.

James H.

James V.

Jasper v.

Alex K.

John B.

Jonah C.

Jonathan B.

Kevin C.

Lalo B.

Luca P.

Luke W.


4 Ways to Sell

1. Store Front.  Sign up for a selling shift at a local store.

Just bring your scout, in full uniform, to the store and watch the magic happen!

Click Here for the Signup Genius

2. Door-to-Door.  Sell on your own with popcorn in hand.

Can't do the grocery store, but want to try selling door-to-door with some popcorn?

There are no order forms to fill out, so it's easy and efficient!

Contact the Popcorn Kernels to pick up some popcorn!

3. "Take Orders." Take orders from friends, neighbors and co-workers and deliver the popcorn later.

All you need is the order form to get started, and the prizes are listed for instant incentive!  Ask the popcorn kernels or the Cubmaster for an ordersheet, or download one below.

Click here for the Take Order Form (PDF)

Turn your order sheet in to your popcorn kernel when you are done selling.  The final deadline for take orders is October 22.

4. Online Orders.

Would you like to sell to your family and friends in other areas around the country?  Then the Trail's End online order system is for you!  And this year our Pack gets 50% of all online sales!

To get started, do the following steps:

Here are the official instructions: http://www.ncacbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/How-To-Set-Up-Online-Selling-Page.pdf

1. Go to www.trails-end.com.
2. Click on "Register."
3. Click on "Scout/Parent."
4. Click on "No" to indicate you are a parent registering on behalf of a scout under the age of 13.
5. On the following page, enter in your scout's name, but use your contact information and birthdate.
6. On the following page, create your username and enter your password.
7. Next, you need to find and select our unit.  Put in 20895 for the zip code, and 478 as the unit number.  Then be sure to select Pack 478, St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Potomac, National Capital Area.  Don't select the wrong Pack 478!
8. You're done registering!  Now customize your page and send an email invite to purchase popcorn to you friends and family.