Expense Reimbursal

The pack will reimburse expenses incurred for support of pack activities. Examples of such expenses would be food, art supplies, tickets etc. If it is in support of pack activities it will most likely be covered, if you are not sure please ask. 

Preferred Method:

1) Email an image of the receipt (s) to the pack treasurer
2) Indicate the expected amount.
3) Indicate the activity and/or den which is being covered.
4) Include the address to where you would like the check to be sent.

For budgeting purposes it's nice to know what the expenses were for, eg wolf den activities, food for webelos campout, balloons for Halloween party. A high level of granularity is not required, just an event and/or den. If the receipt is for multiple events/dens it's ok, just indicate what parts are for what event/den if possible.

It's easier on you and the treasurer if the receipt only covers pack expenses, but if there are other items on the receipt, just circle the pack relevant ones and in this case make sure you indicate what you expect the total amount to be reimbursed should be. 

A snapshot of the receipt with a cell  phone is sufficient for the receipt image, a high quality scan is not required. If emailing a photo of the receipt is difficult, a paper copy can be submitted directly to the treasurer.  Also if you do not wish to give out your home address, or you do not like the postal service, the check can picked up at the next pack or den meeting (if the treasurer is attending).

If receipts are older than 90 days, the pack may not reimburse them, so please be somewhat timely.